Vitori handed another suspension

12 months after an independent assessment of his bowling action, which took place at the University of Pretoria on 12 December.

The 26-year-old left-arm bowler was assessed after the legality of his bowling action was brought under question by the match officials during the recent tri-series final against Sri Lanka in Bulawayo on 27 November.

Vitori was reported by the match officials pursuant to the ICC Regulations for the Review of Bowlers Reported with Suspected Illegal Bowling Actions and subsequently underwent the independent assessment in Pretoria in accordance with the regulations.

The assessment revealed that some of Vitori’s deliveries exceeded the 15-degree level of tolerance, thus, he employed an illegal bowling action.

Vitori was originally suspended from bowling in January 2016 but was permitted to resume bowling in June 2016 after remedial work and a subsequent reassessment.

As this report has constituted the player’s second report within a two-year period, the first of which led to a suspension, he is now automatically suspended from bowling in international cricket for a period of 12 months.

Vitori can appeal against any procedural aspect of an independent assessment that has led to this automatic suspension. However, only after the expiry of this one-year period will he be entitled to approach the ICC for a re-assessment of his bowling action.