Voges backs concussion subs


Australia batsman, Adam Voges, has come out in support of mandatory concussion substitutes, for players who may be suffering from a head injury.

The Australian was hit in the back of the head in a freak accident during a county match, and has told how the incident left him feeling like he had a hangover for a number of days.

Speaking to ESPN Cricinfo, Voges explained: The fact that you get pulled out of the game immediately and you don't have any say in that, is one factor in it,

"I understand the argument that, if you allow a sub for concussion, why wouldn't you allow a sub for other injuries. It could be a bit of a grey area. I understand that. But I am in favour of the sub rule."

Recalling how he got injured, Voges said: "I was standing at slip, just contemplating a fielding change, or a bowling change, I can't quite remember,

"I didn't really pay attention to where the ball had gone or when it was coming back. It wasn't until very late that the keeper realised the ball was going over his head and it hit me straight in the back of the head. It was just a freak accident really.

"I was a bit groggy for a week, week and a half after that and missed the next game,

"It was probably my first experience with it. It felt like I was waking up with a hangover. It wasn't until 10 days after it that I started to feel right again.

The ICC cricket committee rejected Cricket Australia's proposal for concussion subs earlier this year, in a media release, they claimed: "the current laws and playing conditions allow players to receive the best possible medical treatment and further change to the regulations in this area is not required at present"