Wade up for the scrap

Australia wicketkeeper Matthew Wade is looking forward to locking horns with the Proteas in what promises to be a fascinating Third Test in Adelaide.

Wade has earned a recall to the Test squad for the first time since 2013 with the selector’s looking to Wade to bring more Steel to the lower order and a presence on the field.

The keeper clashed with South Africa during the recent ODI series loss to the Proteas and found himself in hot water thanks to his mouth.

ESPN Cricinfo has reported that Wade said: “I enjoy that part of the game, I enjoy the scrap.

“I enjoy getting out there when our backs are to the wall. Hopefully that doesn’t come in this Test, but if it does I’m looking forward to getting out there and having a scrap, yeah.”

Wade is a different kind of player to Nevill and is arguably a better batsman than the New South Welshman.

The keeper vowed to bring a competitive edge to the contest: “I think I just bring what I bring for Victoria week in, week out.

“Obviously I’ve been picked for a reason and I’ll just come and play my way. I’ve been picked to come in and be a bit of a presence hopefully I suppose. I feel like being around one day international team for a while I can really lead as well.

“I’ve been around for long enough it doesn’t feel like I’m coming in for my first game. I can come in and contribute and help the leaders out on the field. I don’t go into any game looking to really get into anyone’s head. I just go out and play the way that I play.

“I’m competitive. I like the contest. If an opportunity comes where I feel like I can contribute in that way to get benefit for the team then I will. I certainly don’t go out looking to target people, it just develops out on the ground.”

Wade confessed that the last time he had the gloves in the Test arena his keeping wasn’t quite up to scratch but insists this element of his game has improved.

He added: “There’s no doubt when I played Test cricket last time my wicket keeping was not where it needed to be so I’ve worked hard on it and improvements have come.

“So I feel confident in my game that I can make a contribution in the team. That’s what it’s all about.

“The good thing about wicket keeping is that everywhere you go generally you find a keeper. I’ve done work with Heals [Ian Healy], I’ve done work with Rod [Marsh], I’ve done work with Tim Coyle.

“I’ve worked with everyone. But in the end when you’re out there and things aren’t going well you’ve got to try and work it out yourself and if you don’t know your game 100% it’s going to be hard to get back.

“I just needed to keep better that was basically it. Three years ago was a long time ago so hard to remember exactly what the selectors told me at that time. But I knew I needed to work on my keeping at that stage, it was no surprise I was out of the team.

“But I’ve worked hard on it and I’m confident in it that I can contribute. It’s not about my wicket keeping or my batting. It’s about trying to find a way as a team to get some wins out.”

Despite only having 12 Tests to his name Wade feels he will be able to take up a leadership role within the team.

He concluded: “I’ve played enough first-class cricket now and been around the Australian setup long enough to feel like I can go out and lead.

“Whether it’s helping young guys, or helping the more experienced guys. Whatever the team needs, I’ll be there to help out.”