Want to make some money betting on cricket? Don’t miss our top tips


The internet has brought the world of sports betting to a new audience, and with the wealth of websites and sports betting apps that are now available, it is a common site to see cricket fans glued to their phones to check the latest odds of Steve Smith scoring yet another century or of Ireland pulling off one of their famous giant killing results.

However, we have all heard the old saying about what happens to a fool and his money. Bookmakers are far more likely to increase their profits at the expense of beginners, while those in the know are making a killing.

Tips for beginners

There is really no excuse for being a lamb to the slaughter. The growth of online betting sites, both in the sports world and the traditional casino sense, has also led to plenty of online guides to get you started. Money Slots have produced one such guide relating to the slot machine – want to learn more? Click here! It definitely gets newcomers off to a flying start. On a similar vein, we will explore some of the most popular betting options, along with some hints and tips for placing a wager in cricket.

Cricket betting

Anyone who assumes cricket betting is purely something that has arisen in the age of the internet and the IPL might be in for a surprise. The earliest known instance of gambling on cricket concerns a wager made on a game played at Coxheath in Kent in May 1646. We only know about it through court records, as the loser failed to pay up the twelve candles he had wagered. Today’s bookmakers will only deal in currency, but they do offer a far wider variety of betting options.

Match and series betting

In its simplest form, cricket betting simply involves staking money on which team will win a match or series. It could involve anything from an English county match to a World Cup final. When betting on a series, it is often intriguing to watch the odds change after each match – for example, England went into the last Ashes series as outsiders, but after they had been outplayed in the first and second tests to go 2-0 down, the odds on them somehow winning the final three to take the series had become significantly longer.

Live betting

The same phenomenon can be seen in an individual game, thanks to the new trend of live betting. This is where you can place bets once the action is underway. For example, Essex and Surrey might go into a T20 match with bookmakers offering similar odds on both teams. But suppose Surrey are reduced to 20-5 after five overs. Suddenly, Essex will be odds-on favourites, but the Surrey faithful might choose this moment to back their team to make a stunning comeback.

Live betting even provides the option for ball-by-ball betting, placing a stake on how many runs you think will come from the next delivery. It really adds a new dimension to every fan’s enjoyment of the game.