Warner: I was drunk and didn’t like him


Australia batsman David Warner's past year has been a successful one on and off the field, with a string of centuries, a baby and a wedding, but he says it's a stark contrast to where he was in 2013.

Warner was past of a period of great turmoil for Australia ahead of the Ashes that year, with the side having endured 'Homeworkgate' in India, Warner punching Joe Root in a bar, and then Mickey Arthur being sacked.

Warner has since found stability thanks in large part to wife Candy Falzon, who had their daughter late last year, and has also been doing very well with the bat, helping Australia to the World Cup this year.

Warner told the Cricket Monthly of his altercation with Root in a Birmingham bar: "I was in a bad place. I had been in India for 14 weeks [for the tour and then the IPL] and hadn't seen my family and there was a lot of personal stuff going on at home that was causing me a lot of stress and pain.

"I can't use that as an excuse, that would be a cop out. That is my stuff to deal with and no excuse for what I did, I was drunk, I didn't like the guy and I might have done what I did anyway.

"I did the right thing by ringing him and when we left it everything was fine but someone else got a hold of it and wanted to make some mileage out of it and you know English journalism."

Arthur, who was coach at the time, was sacked soon afterwards in favour of Darren Lehmann, who went on to revive the side to great heights. But Warner was still grateful to Arthur for his years of mentorship.

He added: "I feel bad because it was all around the same time and I think what happened was the last straw for him and they used it as a reason to get rid of him.

"Obviously there was other stuff they weren't happy about. I have spoken to him and he was understanding. He is a gentleman and says, 'Don't be silly, it has nothing to do with you', but credit to the guy he is a very, very, very nice man. I owe him a lot."