Warner joins Oz patience bandwagon


Patience has become something of a buzzword in the Australian camp as they prepare for a Test series in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka will be looking to frustrate the hyper aggressive Aussie batting lineup on wickets that are expected to be slow, something Australia are well aware of.

Australia's poster boy for agression David Warner has even joined the patience party, telling cricket.com.au: "You’ve got to be patient,

"You’ve got to rotate the strike.

"Your patience comes with hitting your four-balls, your boundary balls.

"They’re the ones you’ve got to really wait on.

"That’s what we’re talking about with patience in this game, especially over here (in subcontinental conditions).

"The challenge for us is about batting long periods of time.

"You’ve got to be able to bat well into the next day and that’s the focus for us.

"If I have to bat for a day or a day-and-a-half, I go out there and I try to do that. But the element of my game is to try to score runs.

"I try to apply pressure on the bowlers and that has always been my game plan. That’s what I always set out to do and I probably won’t change that."

Sri Lanka have been hot hard by injuries to their pace department making the chances of seeing any grass on the Test pitches seem seriously unlikely.

Opener, Warner believes fitness will play a huge role in deciding the Tests: "Whoever is the fittest team will probably win these games,

"You’re going to have to be prepared for some boring fields.

"Both teams are going to use that.

"You’re going to have your sweepers out there (in the deep), especially (against) the spin … so you have to be prepared to get your runs in ones and twos.

"It can be like that in these conditions.

"Unless you’re going to blast them out of the park with the bat or your quicks somehow manage to go through them on low tracks, it is going to be a big grind."