Warner: The colour of the ball is irrelevant


Australia opener David Warner has dismissed talk about the pink ball being unworthy of Test cricket, and says any player worth their salt should be able to play against any colour ball.

The pink Kookaburra ball will be used in the third Test against New Zealand next month, in the first day-night Test ever, and preliminary warm up matches have seen a number of players complain about it, saying it's tough to see and deteriorates too quickly.

But WArner, who did not play in those warm ups and has not played a day-night game with said ball, feels it's much ado about nothing, and that day-night cricket is day-night cricket, no matter the ball.

Warner said of the recent fuss over the ball's deterioration: "It is quite funny. In general, it doesn't matter what ball you play with.

"I feel if you are preparing for a cricket game, any game type you play – whether it is 50 overs or whether it is four-day form – you are still in your own mind of trying to score runs, trying to build an innings and that is what you need to do, that is what cricket is about.

"It is irrelevant about what ball you use."

Warner added that it took a while to get used to the white ball too, and now it's the norm, so people need to be patient with this development and play their natural games rather than overthinking it.

He said: "I haven't played with a pink ball but I have played a lot of one-day cricket and you should be able to adapt to these conditions very well.

"It is going to be challenging with the pink ball, I understand that, but we have played day-night cricket before and there is no excuse why we can't go out and play this game at night.

"We are always going to have a few issues with the colouring of the ball – look how long it took them to get a white ball (right) – we just have to be patient, simple as that."