WATCH: Jack Leach recreates his crucial single at Headingley


While Ben Stokes was doing his Ben Stokes things, it fell to Jack Leach to score the run that actually kept the Ashes alive. His single off Pat Cummins brought the scores level and ensured England could not be beaten.

Leach’s 17-ball, hour-long vigil was a classic slice of number 11 batting, with that all-important single the cherry on the icing (cleaning his glasses) on the ridiculous cake that was England’s Headingley win.

We don’t know what goes on top of the cherry on the icing on the cake, but we do know that in this specific instance it is Jack Leach recreating his match-levelling single many hours later.

“Stokesy, finish it off mate.” Stokes may be an England cricket folk hero straight out of the Botham-Flintoff mould, but Leach is now locked in as England’s latest cult hero.