WATCH: Moeen Ali forgets he’s an off spinner


Midlife crisis detected.

Cricket can be as challenging mentally as it is physically at times, and unfortunately for England’s not-so-long-ago number one Test spinner Moeen Ali, it all seems to have gotten a little bit too much.

Test cricket is an apt name for that particular form of the game. It tests you physically over five grueling days of hard labour – often going hours or days at a time with little or no reward for a bowler.

It also tests you mentally/psychologically/emotionally, as millions worldwide watch your technique and ability with bat or ball dissected and dismantled to the nth degree.

It’s been a testing time recently for Mo, so perhaps we shouldn’t have been so shocked to discover the following twitter video of Moeen Ali apparently deciding he’s had enough of the trusty old off-spin and forging a pristine new career path as a medium pace dobber.

For the sake of our sanity (and his) let’s not get too deep into this, but instead focus on the positives.

  1. We’ve spotted two slips there – a clear sign of a confident bowler expecting (not hoping) to take wickets.
  2. The delivery only went for four. It literally could’ve been two runs worse.
  3. …we’ve run out of positives.

On behalf of all of the staff here at Cricket365, we’d sincerely like to extend a loving cyber-hug to Moeen and his newfound career path, and we can’t wait to see the selfies of Moeen speeding along a desert highway in a bright yellow porsche to signify the midlife crisis is in full swing.

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