Waugh: Kohli will go down as an all-time great


Former Australia captain Steve Waugh thinks Virat Kohli is a great role model for younger players and will go down as an all-time great player.

Kohli, who is the new India Test captain, led his country to their first series victory in Sri Lanka in 22 years when they won the three-match series two-one last month.

Waugh says he often speaks to his 16 year-old son, Austin Waugh who is an aspiring cricketer, about the game and to model his game to that of Kohli's.

The now 50 year-old Waugh, who played in 168 Test matches for the Aussies, told The Mumbai Mirror: "I think he is probably the best batsman in the world.

"Technically, he is fantastic. I have a 16- year-old son and I have told him 'if you need someone as your role model, I think he should be Virat Kohli'. He should aspire to play like him.

"I like aggression in players, if it can be controlled. Sometimes, Virat crosses the line a little bit but I like his passion.

"Virat Kohli will go down as an all-time great. I think (Ajinkya) Rahane will also get into that category."