What do we know about the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

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The Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle and most anticipated tournament for every cricket fan. Although it was subject to numerous changes throughout the years, the format that we have now is the current best.

The last World Cup was in 2019 and it was hosted by England and Wales. England won it on boundary count against New Zealand. 

The next edition is set to take place in 2023 and even though it is 2 years away, it is already creating some buzz and fans are very impatient to see what the outcome will be and which national team will be crowned as champions. That is why we decided to list all of the things that we know about the 2023 Cricket World Cup as of January 2021. 

The Popularity is Huge

As we mentioned, the buzz about the Cricket World Cup is already huge. It is so big, that it managed to influence other industries aside from the cricket world. One of the most influenced is the online casino industry where these sites already started to feature games that are themed on the teams and players that will compete in the World Cup.

Some research has shown that cricket fans are also very fond of casino games, which is why game providers have supplied these sites with cricket-themed games. These games are most commonly found at new 2021 casino sites.

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Hosts and Qualification

The host for the 2023 Cricket World Cup will be India. An interesting fact about this edition is that this will be the first time the competition is held completely in the country. The starting date is October and the World Cup will be played until November 2023. 

It will feature 10 teams, the same as the previous competition. Since India is the host country, their national team automatically qualified for the World Cup. The top seven teams from ICC Cricket World Cup Super League will also qualify for the World Cup. 

The remaining 5 teams and the 5 Associate sides will play in the 2023 Qualifiers and only two of them will go to the World Cup. 

Biggest Favourites

Since India is the host, their national team is currently viewed by analysts and fans as the biggest favourite to win the World Cup. England comes in second, and Australia completes the top 3 list. New Zealand and Pakistan complete the top 5.