Why is cricket so popular in India?


Even though India is a multi-sport nation which accommodates all sorts of games, the country tends to gravitate strongly towards cricket as a sport.

The game has many loyal fans and players as well. For this reason, people have concluded that India’s love for cricket is incomprehensible. So why exactly is cricket the leading sports in the country?

The following points could possibly explain why India loves cricket:

 Great sports infrastructure

Cricket has been shown to have more coaching centers in India than any other sport. This is a critical factor which plays a role in encouraging the culture of cricket across the entire nation. In fact, in every state, there is at least one world-class cricket stadium which is totally a different scenario when you compare them with football or hockey stadiums. There are very few FIFA accredited stadiums in India, and this only serves to encourage the widespread of cricket as a sport in the country.

It’s about physical quotient

Generally speaking, Indians cannot compete fairly with others in athletics, hockey, football, and other games that require physical strength. This is because most of them are not gifted with good physical strength or height which would enable them compete fairly with people from other regions of the world. It boils down to genetics, which actually determines whether or not people will take part in grueling sports activities.

The game of cricket has a well-organized governing body in India

BCCI is the council that governs the sport. The body is efficient in its duties, rich and well-organized compared to most cricket governing bodies around the world. Over the years, BCCI has taken a number of steps aimed at conserving the interest of cricket and those who want to play it. For this reason, it has successfully established itself in the world of cricket, and is currently the most dominant council in the world of cricket.

You cannot compare BCCI with other governing bodies like HI or IHF which have often been characterized by internal wrangles, thus affecting their functions to a larger extent. Again, their financial structure is not that strong. Unfortunately, any game cannot thrive when there is no sufficient financing, and that’s why BCCI beats the others flat out.

Sponsors & advertisers

Since it’s the most viewed sport in India, cricket has managed to attract a number of sponsors and advertisers like https://www.betway.co.za/. Even players themselves have ended up making a fortune as a result of endorsing products or appearing on ads that are geared towards promoting sports-oriented products.

Right now, companies like Betway are making use of the few minutes in between breaks to advertise themselves and gain publicity. They are willing to pay any amount in order to see this happening. Obviously this has an added advantage in ensuring that the popularity of the game is spreading in India and also around the world.


Of course there are many other factors that contribute to the widespread of this game in India. But the aforementioned points are the most dominant factors which appear to contribute strongly towards promoting the game. So the next time you come across Betway or any other company featuring cricket in their product offering, don’t be mesmerized. There is no India without cricket.