World T20 main draw could expand to twelve


News coming out of the ICC conference in Edinburgh, is that the main draw of the 2018 ICC World T20 could be expanded to include a total of twelve teams.

There may also be a move to grant full voting rights to associate members in some form or other, currently only the full member nations are granted a vote but the ICC is considering granting voting rights to three Associate representatives.

Tim Cutler, the Hong Kong Cricket Association chief executive, spoke to ESPN cricinfo: "What I have heard described is that two teams will go through from [each] first group to create a Super 12,

"That seems to be the agreed format at the moment.

"Hopefully that means with two [more] going through, potentially two more could come into the qualifiers to make 18 but the sound of it at the moment is it's going to be 16 into 12. It's a move in the right direction."

On the possibility of voting rights being extended to the associate members, Cutler commented: "Everything we're hearing from the ICC chairman really does point towards a new era in ICC governance and the structures behind that,

"We talk about one man, one vote, are we going to have a 105-member federation with votes? Highly unlikely in the short term but if we do get to a point where the three Associate directors have a vote each, that really does shift the paradigm that was the ICC board and really moving things in the right direction where emerging nations really do have a true voice at the top table."

The increased representation comes hot on the heels of a mooted 12 team Test championship, currently only ten nations have Test status, as well as a 13 team ODI Championship as the ICC looks to put more formal structures in place for competitive international cricket between major tournaments.