Younis: Don’t select me, not even for Tests


Veteran Pakistan batsman Younis Khan has not taken being dropped from the ODI side with any kind of grace, telling the PCB not to select him for Tests in future, and see how well they do without his experience.

Younis was not named in the squad for the ODIs against Australia in the UAE next month, with selectors telling him he would not feature at the World Cup either. The 36-year-old was outraged, given his 177 in a Test against Sri Lanka last month.

Younis raged at a T20 event in Karachi: “Don’t select me, not even in Tests. I sacrifice my future. I am saying a simple thing, if they are saying that youngsters are future of ODIs, then where is the future of Pakistan in Test cricket?

“Don’t select me in Test matches and make [the youngsters] the future of Pakistan in Test cricket too. But what will happen if they can’t make a team for ODIs and Test matches after five months, will they again do recalling?

“I won’t die and I won’t be 70-year-old in four-five months, if they don’t let me play with dignity then so be it. They have hurt me, they have hurt me when they said that players like me have no future. Then who has a future? So a player like me should shoot himself?

“When they are 35, 36, players like me wake up at seven o’clock, show commitment, I can do only this. Instead shoot ourselves, don’t play cricket at all, don’t play domestic cricket at all?

“I will wait for 4-5 months. They are saying that I don’t have a future, I will wait, I am not retiring, I will wait, may this team go ahead, if they make the team [strong] I won’t come back.”