Muddy outfield spoils third day’s play

Despite bright sunshine in Durban, the third day of the first Test between South Africa and New Zealand had to be called off without a ball being bowled due to a muddy outfield.

The umpires conducted a number of inspections throughout the day before determining no play would be possible at 14:10 local time.

The outfield at Kingsmead was a shambles ahead of the game, with large areas having insufficient grass coverage due to a process of decompacting the outfield being conducted as late as June.

Cricket South Africa had only a limited say in this process as the Comrades Marathon uses Kingsmead as the finishing point for it's race once every two years and the event draws massive crowds and generates revenue for the Stadium's owners, however the whole situation remains an organizational nightmare.

Fans have taken to social media to vent their frustration, with some travelling from far afield only to see no action, despite fantastic weather for cricket.

It remains to be seen, if, after a day of bright sunshine any cricket will be possible tomorrow, with a result now looking extremely unlikely.