India news: Rohit Sharma backs Sanju Samson to be a big-time player

Sanju Samson India

India skipper Rohit Sharma says that Sanju Samson has the skillset to be a top international batter.

Samson is already known to a broad audience thanks to his jaw-dropping exploits in the Indian Premier League.

Rohit said that he hoped that Samson would fulfill his massive potential and becomes an India hero.

“His back-foot play is superb,” Rohit said on the eve of the first game of the three-match T20I series against Sri Lanka according to ESPN Cricinfo.

“Some of the shots you might have seen in the IPL, the pick-up pull, the cut shots, standing and delivering over the bowler’s head. Those kind of shots are not easy to play. And I believe when you go to Australia [where the next T20 World Cup is], you need that kind of shot-making ability.

“Samson definitely has it in him. I just wish him the best and hope that he utilises his potential to the maximum.”

Rohit warned that talent and potential guarantee nothing when it comes to the India setup.

He said that he hopes that the pressure to succeed is offset by knowing that he has the backing of the team’s leadership.

The skipper revealed that Samson was in the frame to make the squad for the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia.

“That is the whole point about this sport,” Rohit said. “A lot of people have the skillset, a lot of people have the talent. But it’s how you utilise that talent that is the most critical part.

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“I think it’s up to Sanju now to understand how he wants to utilise the talent and how he can maximise it.

“Because as a team, as a team management, we see a lot of potential, we see a lot of talent, and we see a lot of match-winning ability in that individual.

“I hope we give him the confidence whenever he gets the opportunity to play for us. I hope he understands that.

“Definitely, he [Sanju Samson] is in consideration [for Australia], which is why he is part of the team.”

The 2022 T20 World Cup gets underway in Australia in October.