Stuart Broad and Joe Root

The Press Tent Daily: BT Sports caught out

Another quirky day in BT Sport’s often bizarre coverage of the Ashes. Their director’s inexplicable insistence on cutting from graphics and crowd shots right at the very last moment before the bowler delivers the next ball has seen more deliveries missed live than we can remember seeing on Sky in the last decade. It’s felt […]
Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler

The Press Tent: The ‘Alcohol-related’ edition

Where else to start but the Ashes, where the ding-dong battle between “Alcohol-related incidents” and England Test defeats continues to enthral. The ARI have nudged back into a 3-2 lead after Ben Duckett poured a drink over James Anderson. Now Duckett isn’t technically part of the England squad, but we’re counting it anyway because everyone […]

The Press Tent Daily: We love the DRS

Cricket is all about innovation these days, and now we've got the prospect of a reverse-Brisbane where a Test starts with a whimper and ends with a bang.

The Press Tent Daily: Stoke-ing the fires of hope

Today's edition of the Press Tent is all about how Ben Stokes can, or cannot, save the Ashes for England plus pace, pace and more pace.
Jonny Bairstow shakes hands with Cameron Bancroft

The Press Test daily: Bairstow the butt

Thank the Lord above for month-old headbutts giving us something to write about on a one-hour day. “Bloody hell”, we thought, when the Gabba Test just about dragged itself into the final day. ” “How in the name of Jardine are we going to get 500 words of snark out of an hour’s low-key cricket […]