CSA want pink ball local games

Test cricket

Cricket South Africa’s convenor of selectors Linda Zondi has issued a call to introduce the pink ball into the domestic game in the country.

Zondi feels that it would benefit the Proteas if more domestic games featured the pink ball used for day/night Tests like the forthcoming Test against Australia in Adelaide.

Zondi told ESPN Cricinfo: “From a selection point of view, it only makes common sense as we move on that guys need to familiarise themselves with the process.

“You cannot be in a position where at the international level, you play with a particular ball but then at franchise level, where you are selecting from, the guys are not.”

South Africa has yet to introduce the pink ball to it’s domestic game having allowed just one first class fixture to feature the ball back in 2012.

Australia, India, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies have all used the pink ball to some extent. The first round of Sheffield Shield matches were played as day/night contests in Australia this season.

CSA conducted a trial of the pink ball in the Africa T20 competition in 2015 but did not repeat the trial this year.

Zondi was unclear when the pink ball would be introduced but felt it is inevitable.

He went on: “The key is that within the franchise, within our structure, sooner or later it will be an idea to also make sure all those guys where we pick from are using the pink ball.

“I’m not quite sure when it will happen because that’s a different pipeline in terms of the guys who are dealing with it but we hope it will happen.”