Barmy Army drop England flag from logo

England’s famous travelling supporters group the Barmy Army are looking to refresh their image and attract a broader demographic.

This new drive is behind the decision to drop the Cross of St George from the official Barmy Army logo.

The Barmy Army’s new managing director Chris Millard said in a statement on the group’s website: “The St George’s Cross has been on our logo for 25 years, it’s loved by many, but we’re trying to move towards a new era and we think that, with a tidy-up of our logo and a refresh of our structure, we can start to make cricket more accessible for everyone.

“The Barmy Army in my opinion are the best fans in the world and I want our membership following to reflect that.

“We will continue to wave the flag proudly and passionately in the group to support the boys the way we always have.

“We’ve given this a great deal of thought and have ultimately decided it’s time for a fresh look to modernise and move the Barmy Army company forward to keep pace with the digital age.”

Departing managing director and founder Paul Burnham will continue to work with the group as they shift headquarters from Middlesex to Chesterfield.

Burham said: “It’s been an incredible journey over the past 23 years since we formed the Barmy Army and it is now time to try and take the organisation on to the next level.

“I truly believe that England’s fantastic cricket fans are a great example of the correct way to support your team.

“I’m keen to see the Barmy Army engaging with schools and cricket clubs around the UK in the future to promote how to have great fun watching sport without engaging in bad behaviour and being disrespectful to rival supporters.

“It’s all about humour and sportsmanship … even when you are losing.”