Ehsan Mani dismantles Sethi’s bureaucracy

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Newly appointed Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani has set about dismantling the support structures put in place by his predecessor.

Mani has cited a conflict of interest in each of the committee’s he has chosen to dissolve and has also removed four advisors to the Chairman appointed to Najam Sethi.

Shoaib Akhtar and former Test cricketer Salahuddin Sallu were removed from their positions paid advisors to the chairman while Islamabad regional head Shakeel Sheikh and Aizad Sayid lost their honorary positions.

Akhtar claimed that he resigned his post in a tweet earlier this week but it would appear to be an attempt to save some face.

Mani might be accused of purging the Pakistan Cricket Board of opponents but it seems he may have some very good points when it comes to the alleged conflict of interests in the committees. He cites the example of the chief finance officer serving on the audit committee which oversees his own work. Mani said: “He was in the audit committee which is not a good practice because he is the one who has to face questions during audit then how can be the one in the committee.”

The new chairman is set to trim the fat at the PCB after he claimed that the 900 employees retained by the board was too many.

The man Imran Khan handpicked for the job is eager to decentralize responsibility and administrative oversight in order to streamline the functioning of the board.

Mani said: “I doubt such big number of employees are working in any cricket board of the world. It is mainly because the PCB has centralised many things and there is a need to decentralise. No cricket board in the world is running stadiums as associations are owning those.”