Galle curator allegedly caught in fixing sting

A documentary by news organisation Al Jazeera has alleged that the curator of the Galle International Stadium in Sri Lanka has been involved in match fixing.

The ICC’s anti-corruption unit made contact with the news group last October but they say they have not received any evidence from Al Jazeera.

The documentary will be broadcast on Sunday morning and The Australian reports the film will air allegations that the pitch used for the 2016 Test at Galle between Australia and Sri Lanka was doctored.

It is reported that the documentary shows Galle stadium assistant manager and curator Tharanga Indika claiming to be able to prepare a pitch to suit a desired outcome.

According to Indika was reportedly paid $37,000 to doctor the pitch.

“India was set for a batting wicket. Our guys didn’t play well,” Indika was captured saying as reported by the Australian.

“Yes, if you want a pitch for spin bowling or pace bowling or batting, it can be done.

“We leave the wicket uncovered for about two weeks. Don’t water it and this will cause damage to the wicket.”

Mendis would add that there are ways to doctor the pitch during a match saying: “One thing he can do during the match is the brush thing.”

Morris added: “You just do it slowly. What they do then is press it inward.”

The Telegraph have reported Indika and Morris have denied any involvement in pitch doctoring, while Mendis did not respond to requests.