No permanent coach role for Ponting

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Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting says that despite enjoying his stint as an assistant coach for the national T20 team he doesn’t want a permanent role just yet.

Ponting has been asked to assist in the absence of the regular backroom staff who have traveled to India along with the Test squad.

The scheduling of the T20 series against Sri Lanka means that none of the Test regulars could take part in this series and naturally the support staff would be unable to as well.

Justin Langer has taken the head coach role with Jason Gillespie and Ricky Ponting supporting the WA coach who also led the team in a triangular ODI series in the Caribbean last year.

Ponting told “It’s all different stuff now, different colours, different sponsors, but it was a great feeling.”

When asked about a full time coaching role Ponting replied: “Not just now, but from the minute I got the phone call from Justin wanting me to be involved for these three games I was very excited.

“I work covering the Big Bash so I get a good look at the players and have a good understanding of how they play.

“To be able to be with them over the next week or two and help them out, hopefully win some games for Australia, it should be a very enjoyable time.”

Ponting is looking forward to working with a young team and also the opportunity to re-unite with former teammates.

He would add: “We should be able to bring our own sort of dynamic to the team.

“The team will have its own little dynamic, but the three of us played together for so many years and we know each other very well.

“We’re all slightly different as well, which probably helps as a coaching group.

“Justin’s already spoken about how excited he is to have me around and I feel exactly the same way about being around Dizzy and JL.”

Ponting admits to enjoying coaching at least in the IPL but was unwilling to commit to any sort of full-time coaching job just yet.

He went on: “Coaching in the IPL was really challening and a lot of fun … to get a real taste for what coaching is all about was great.

“As a past player who’s been ultra competitive all through your playing time and then when your career ends, that all goes away.

“Coaching is a way to add a bit more of that competitiveness back into life.

“That’s one thing I’ve said to the boys over the last couple of days, I’m a pretty competitive person and if I see things around the group that aren’t the way I want them, I’ll let them know and make sure they up the ante and get everything out of themselves.”