Sutherland hits out over DRS row

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland has issued a statement in regards to accusations and reporting of unfair play in the Test Match against India that concluded in Bengaluru yesterday.

On-field umpires had to intervene when Steve Smith appeared to be looking towards the Australian dressing room after having been given out leg before.

“I find the allegations questioning the integrity of Steve Smith, the Australian Team and the dressing room, outrageous,” said Mr Sutherland.

“Steve is an outstanding cricketer and person, and role model to many aspiring cricketers and we have every faith that there was no ill-intent in his actions.

“We reject any commentary that suggests our integrity was brought into disrepute or that systemic unfair tactics are used, and stand by Steve and the Australian Cricketers who are proudly representing our country.

Opposing captain Virat Kohli had reportedly mentioned to the umpires that he believed the Australian’s on the field were getting clues from the dressing room as to whether or not to review.

The speed with which the umpires reacted appears to corroborate this although they were surely aided by Kohli himself who raced over to confront Smith.

The playing conditions state: “The captain may consult with the bowler and other fielders or the two batsmen may consult with each other prior to deciding whether to request a PlayerReview.

“Under no circumstances is any player permitted to query an umpire about any aspect of a decision before deciding on whether or not to request a Player Review.

“If the umpires believe that the captain or batsman has received direct or indirect input emanating other than from the players on the field, then they may at their discretion decline the request for a Player Review.

“In particular, signals from the dressing room must not be given.”