Taylor slams Aussie celebrations

Former Australia skipper Mark Taylor feels that it is time the players in the Test team toned down their celebrations.

After an ill-tempered start to the series between South Africa and Australia Taylor opined that both teams should be on a final warning when it comes to over the top wicket celebrations.

Taylor told Channel Nine: “Both sides should be on their final warnings, and that definitely includes Australia.

“There’s been too much of this in-your-face celebration when batsmen are dismissed, and the Australian bowlers have been as guilty as the South African bowlers at times.”

Taylor is of the opinion that David Warner’s behaviour represents a disappointing change in attitude from a man who had done a lot to turn around his image after a string of disciplinary problems earlier on in his career.

The former skipper sees this as a deliberate strategy on the part of Warner.

He added: “Unfortunately it’s where David Warner has come unstuck, he’s actually made a point in recent times of saying that he wants to bring back the old David Warner and get in the face of the opposition.

“He told the world what he was going to do and what’s more he’s gone about and done it, and taken it to another level.

“I’m not suggesting for a minute we have silence out in the middle, but there’s no doubt it’s getting worse. Bullying is not a bad term for it, and they’re using it too much. It just keeps escalating and now it’s getting out of hand.”

Taylor was not shocked that Kagiso Rabada chose to appeal his suspension but does not feel that it will be successful.

Rabada was suspended as a result of picking up two demerits for making contact with Steve Smith while celebrating his wicket on day one of the second Test.

He said: “I’m not surprised South Africa are appealing the suspension because he’s obviously a key player for them.

“Having taking 11 wickets in the last Test they are going to do everything they can to keep him on the field, but he’s in trouble because he’s already been found guilty.

“In my mind the contact with Steve Smith in the second Test was avoidable, so that’s why he’s in trouble.”