Zimbabwe Cricket admit inability to pay staff owed salaries

The Zimbabwe Cricket Board have admitted that they are unable to pay their staff, including players, all money owed to them by the agreed upon date of the 25th of July.

Zimbabwe went into the T20I tri-series and ODI series against Pakistan without key members of their squad who refused to play unless outstanding match fees and salaries were paid to them.

The board of Zimbabwe Cricket have asked for the players and other staff to be patient while they seek to resolve the issue.

The ICC have committed to helping Zimbabwe Cricket under the condition that they adhere to an action plan set out by the governing body.

A press release issued by Zimbabwe Cricket on Tuesday read: “Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) is not be able to fulfil the commitment to pay staff and players all monies owed to them on the 25th of July 2018. This is deeply regretted and we apologise unreservedly to all affected.”

Zimbabwe Cricket claim that the ICC have restricted the board’s spending which has left them unable to pay staff on or before the date previously agreed.

ZC say that they will know exactly when their staff can expect payment before Friday 27 July.

The release continued: “When the commitment to pay the salaries and match fees was made, ZC was not aware of the stringent measures that the International Cricket Council (ICC) would introduce as part of the controlled spending which has slowed down the release of expected funds.

“However, the ICC and ZC have worked on an interim arrangement to fast-track an exceptional payment specifically for staff and players. The exact details and timing of this payment will be known within 48 hours.

“While we are encouraged by this development, we understand the full impact that this late payment has on staff and players and their ability to pay their accounts, landlords and the like.

“The ICC and the Government of Zimbabwe have thrown ZC a lifeline which all involved in cricket in Zimbabwe deeply appreciate. ZC and the ICC remain committed to working positively together to forge a sustainable cricket future. These stringent measures have been put in place to ensure good governance.

“It also needs to be mentioned that payment proposals for creditors are being planned by ZC and the ICC.

“So many people and organisations have shown patience and support during this turbulent time and ZC hopes this backing will be repaid as cricket in Zimbabwe is restored to financial and cricket health.

“The support given by the ICC and the Government of Zimbabwe gives ZC the opportunity to move forward with confidence. To achieve this, we need all involved in cricket to give their wholehearted backing as we go through this challenging period.”